Founded in 1984 by Joan Carles Font and Jose Almansa, Mesoestetic has become widely known as one of the leaders in the medical-aesthetic sector. Developed on a foundation of research, development and innovation, with a focus on blending biotechnology and cosmetics, they have since developed a loyal following thanks to the dramatic results achieved amongst the product ranges.

Mesoestetic uses a high concentration of active ingredients in their products, enhancing the overall efficacy. Collaborating with hospitals, universities and renowned specialists, they consistently work towards new treatments and ever more exceptional formulas.

Try the Stem Cell Serum Restructuractive – An ultra-concentrated, intensive restructuring serum formulated to slow skin degradation to reduce the signs of ageing. With a 10% concentration of vegetable stem cells, Mesoestetic Stem Cell Serum Restructuractive works to reactivate renewal activity of stem cells, helping to protect and stimulate dermis and epidermal cells for prolonged youth and vitality.


Designed to intensely restructure the skin
Helps to delay the ageing process
Works to protect and stimulate cells for improved performance

And join that with the Stem Cell Active Growth Factor – An anti-ageing cream which combines Vegetable Stem Cells and Epidermal Growth Factors to restructure the skin from inside the cell. With the latest generation ingredients, Mesoestetic Stem Cell Active Growth Factor helps to hydrate the skin and preserve its youth, repairing and regenerating for a more youthful complexion.

Mesoestetic® USA is one of the most inspired and technologically advanced medical skin care companies in the world, leading the industry in innovation for almost two decades.

The expertise and research of our pharmaceutical laboratories, headquartered in Barcelona Spain, is committed to the development and improvement of facial, sun and body treatments including continued research of the newest concepts in advanced ingredients and delivery systems. This combination of leading edge technology along with the proven experience of our researchers and chemist, places mesoestetic® products at the forefront of corrective medical skin care.

Mesoesthetic is also widely known for their COSMELAN & DERMAMALAN depigmentation peels.

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