We know that Lasers work only on hair that has color, leaving out those with blonde, red or gray hair, or in other words, those having the absence of color in the hair follicle.

We have a great way to address this challenge!

Electrolysis is available and we INTRODUCE to you EPILFREE.   EpilFree is a unique, patented product that provides a simple and effective solution for hair reduction that lasts.  The no hassle system, quick as 1-2-3, that works as well as laser on blonde, red or gray hair.  EpilFree is suitable for any skin type, suitable for all ages, and suitable for all parts of the body.  It is painless, free of side effects with no UV light sensitivity.    For all the benefits with no limitations,  call us now for your complimentary consultation!!  905 891 9300.